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Feeding Smaller Dogs

Feeding Smaller Dogs

The nutritional size can vary from different sizes of dogs, the smaller dogs have a different diet to most dogs especially much larger ones then themselves.

The smaller sizes of dogs have a vastly more quicker metabolism rate than any other dog due to the size of the dog. It needs more energy around it’s body and the energy needs to be quicker than any other size dog to keep it going and keep it active.

Smaller breeds naturally have smaller stomachs and for the smaller dogs to have a smaller diet is key. These types of dogs cannot consume larger meals than themselves and due to this fact, they need a smaller balanced diet to stay healthy and happy, the smaller meals can fulfil their needs and their daily intake. It is important to keep the diet nutritious and healthy so they can gain their requirements within smaller portions.

They’re some Small Breed recipes that can be created with the correct amount of protein and fat, the certain recipes provide the dog with a supplement into their energy supply and the correct amount of nutrients for the smaller dog. Our Hunt and Wilson recipes contain a higher quality and highly digestible protein(s). The use of the higher digestible protein is essential for the smaller breeds it ensures that the dog has no problem with the digestion of the food into their stomachs, all the recipes are made for the smaller dogs  to allow the dog and ensure the dog that he/she will get their supplements and their daily needs.

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