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Simply the Best Handmade Wooden Dog Beds

Simply the Best Handmade Wooden Dog Beds

Bespoke Wooden Dog Crates for the Kitchen

At Hunt and Wilson we have been making luxury dog beds for years. With experience comes knowledge and we like to think our beds are right up there in terms of style and comfort. If you are looking for something truly bespoke that will be the envy of friends family and especially your neighbours then have a look at the latest handmade wooden dog crate to roll out of our factory. 

Handmade wooden dog crate

We took this order a few weeks ago and the finished product is ready for delivery. Did you knw that we can make dog crates to order. Hollie are designer in chief has a long history of making products and these are her pride and joy. This is a brilliant idea if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and want to put the dog in pride of place but also a little out of the way. 

Wooden Dog Crate under construction

All you need to do is give us the scale of the project, colours to match the paint work and let us know what the top surface is. We might need you to supply the matching top or we can source it ourselves. There is no better way to keep your beloved pet close at hand but tidy at the same time and we all love a tidy kitchen. 

If you think it is slightly barking to be talking about building a bespoke piece of furniture just for your dog then you need to get real. Building bespoke dog crates is really taking off. you can find out more by checking out these articles in the Spectator and The Times. 

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