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The benefits of buying a dog crate

The benefits of buying a dog crate

Your dog’s needs are an important part of keeping them happy and healthy throughout their life and with most adult dogs sleeping somewhere around 12 hours per day it’s best if they have a comfortable place where this can happen, but isn’t intrusive to your lifestyle. 

Why are dog crates good for training and managing your dog

A crate can be a safe haven for a dog which they love. It can help with toilet training and reduce the temptation for chewing leading to an easier life when they mature.

Hunt and Wilson Handmade wooden dog crates

A dog crate from Hunt & Wilson could be your best choice, these crates are built from the best red wood timber and are built to last. As they are made to measure you can choose exactly what you and your dog needs. Our dog beds are built to look like pieces of furniture so they can fit in with your home décor. They are slightly raised as to allow for easy cleaning underneath while also providing a den for your dog to feel safe in.

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