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Why Choose a Wooden Dog Bed

Why Choose a Wooden Dog Bed

We have been making Wooden dog beds since 2014. At Hunt and Wilson, our mission is to design and build beautiful dog beds that not only care for your dog but look sensational at the same time. When we started designing these wooden beds, it was with our own two English Pointers, Badger and Olive in mind. Would they fit the bed and would it look good in our kitchen or living room at home. 

Wooden Dog Bed

What are our Wooden Dog Beds Made From?

We like to think our dog beds come under the category of Luxury dog beds. Why? Becuse each one is handmade here in the UK. Each bed is made from FSC approved red wood and is 100% natural wood. It can be painted in the colour of your choice. The design of the bed has been carefully thought out with a dip at the front to allow easy access. 

Handmade wooden dog bed

Why is there a gap under the wooden dog bed?

There is a gap between the floor and the bed under our wooden dog beds that helps keep your dog and house clean and healthy. The gap allows air to get underneath the bed, enabling the contained bedding to stay fresh. It also allows drafts underneath that keep the wood dry. This is important for the longevity of the bed. It will also allow you to keep the floor clean.

Stopping your dog from getting cold is especially important when they get older. With breeds like labradors that suffer from arthritis at an early age, prevention is so much better than the cure. 

Why is a Wooden dog bed a good idea?

A wooden dog bed is an excellent option for the home. It provides stern support for the dog. The fact that it is raised off the ground is healthier. The biggest bonus is in keeping your dog off the floor so it doesn't get cold at night. It also provides a level of security for your dog, knowing that it is protected by solid walls as opposed to sitting exposed on the floor. 

Quite a few soft dog beds come with high sides which collapse when a dog leans on them. Using a wooden dog bed as a platform will offer the edges of the dog bed support and ensure they last longer. 

What sort of dog bed goes inside a wooden dog bed?

Memory foam dog beds

You can fill your wooden dog bed with lots of different types of bed. We have a range of memory foam dog beds to choose from that fit perfectly into our wooden dog beds. You could also put in a high sided dog bed like these Memory Foam Sofa Beds

Memory Foam Sofa Bed


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