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Why choose a wooden dog bed?

Why choose a wooden dog bed?

Why Choose a Wooden Dog Bed?

Choosing the right bed for your dog is an important part of your relationship. From your point of view as the owner, it is about keeping your dog happy and healthy but also something to do with interior design and practicality. We think wooden dog beds are a must and have been making them since 2018.

From a health point of view, having a happy dog is about giving them undisturbed sleeping time. A place where they can relax and enjoy some of their average 14 hours of sleep a day. If you can you should select somewhere quiet they can relax but still be part of the family if they want to zone back in. A tired dog is an angry dog, they are quite like your average human in this respect. 

Why Choose a Wooden Dog Bed?

Luxury Wooden Dog Beds

A wooden Dog Bed is a good choice for a dog bed if you want something that will last. You don't of course just let them sleep in the wood, you purchase a cushion or mattress to soften the floor. If the wooden bed is well made it should last for years and be the dogs "home" inside your home. An area they can count on as their own. 

Wooden dog beds keep the dog away from the floor. A lot of houses have stone or paved floors, these can be very cold in winter. A cold sleeping dog will be an unhappy one, so think about this when choosing where they will sleep. Our wooden dog beds are slightly raised off the floor to avoid this. 

They also have solid wooden sides that protect your dog or puppy from drafts. The fact the floor is raised up will also keep bedding dry and cleaner than if it was resting on the floor. 

Wicker Dog bed or Wooden Dog Bed?

Wicker dog bed chewed

Wicker dog beds are beautiful looking things but quite impractical depending on your breed of dog and their chewability. If you have a puppy in particular you might find your wicker dog bed chewed to bits in days. Tiny splinters of the bed will occupy the floor of your house for years. Yes, some dogs chew wood but it will take a determined effort to make an impact on our wooden dog beds.  

Wooden Dog beds look good!

As an added bonus our wooden dog beds look lovely. They should fit into any type of kitchen or living room and become part of your furniture. 

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