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Why every pet deserves a treat

Why every pet deserves a treat

Complete and Balanced Food 

Having a healthy and well balanced diet helps to prevent future health issues for pets. The pet food regulations define the claim of ‘complete and balanced’ as meeting critical nutrition levels. Our Hunt and Wilson complete and balanced food is designed to be fed as a dog’s sole diet as this provides the pet with the exact nutritional needs for your dog’s body.

The Treat Effect

Pet treats are gaining popularity with data showing this is the fastest growing segment of the pet food market. Euromonitor states “there has been a global increase in pet treat sales of 26% since 2010”. 

Responsibility is Key

Some treats on the market today contain excess levels of nutrients such as fat and protein. This can lead to overfeeding that can point towards health issues such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis and liver issues. Pet owners need to ensure that if they feed their fur babies extra calories each day, exercise needs to increase or their pet may become overweight. Currently it is believed that around 40- 50% of the UK’s pet’s population are overweight

What advice could be given to pet parents to consider?

When focusing on a complete and balanced diet the most important part of giving treats is accounting for anything extra on top of their usual feed. Treats are great as an extra reward but it is essential that these extra kibbles are noted. Hunt and Wilson sell a range of well balanced hypoallergenic functional pet treats which fed in moderation are a welcome extra to your pets diet.

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